Tips For Every Gamer To Play Strategical Game Well


Tips For Every Gamer To Play Strategical Game Well

Strategical games involve autonomous decision-making skills in determining the possible outcomes. Every strategical game requires tree-style thinking and typically high situational awareness. In these games, the player only succeeds due to their strategic decisions; luck seldom plays a part in it. There are several types of strategical games, such as:

  • Real-time strategy (RTS)
  • Real-time tactics (RTT)
  • Turn-based strategy (TBS)
  • Turn-based tactics (TBT)
  • Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA)

 While every strategical game has its playing strategy, some universal tricks work well for all types and help you succeed in these games with minimal effort and increasing chances of victory. There are different levels involved in playing strategic games, and with every advancing level, new challenges must be faced and dealt with. The beginning might seem easy to play with, but as the levels advance, the difficulty index gets complex and needs to be handled with a sharp strategical mind. Even the best players of all times, such as; Hikaru Nakamura, Alireza Firouzja etc., always employed specific tricks and signature moves to stay on the top. This article deals with all the tips required for a beginner and a Pro to play their games well.

Tips for every gamer:

 There are several tips which can help every gamer to become a pro in playing games. Although this might require some time to develop, little practice every time can help a player to master it. Some of the suggestions are listed below:

1.    Speed:

      Although playing with speed in strategic games might sound absurd, it is very helpful. It not only helps the player become a pro but also increases the muscle and mind memory, which eventually helps to master the game. This requires time and a lot of practice, but practising over simple and easy levels can help the gamer become a pro.

2.    Practice, practice, practice!

                  This is the key to success and only leads to winning. Practice not only makes a person perfect but helps to master every track. Although it might take time, there will be losses and failures along the way, eventually making the person perfect. Whether losing or not, think about the learning stage and make yourself perfect.

3.    Play together:

      It is advisable to learn and practice a lot on your own, but always try to play with people after some time. This will give a chance to learn new tricks and strategies from others because everyone has their methods to play. So, it is better to play together than individual games.

4.    Play different:

       Every Strategical game is different from others. Various methods, tricks, tips, and strategies are involved in playing every game. Such as; chess, sudoku, monopoly etc., have their plans to play. So, playing each game is advisable so people may learn new tricks that will sharpen their minds and help them be pros in all competitions.

5.    Take part in competitions:

                  A person can never know at what level they are up to. A person might practise a lot but the only way to know your knowledge is to test at different competitions. This will help you learn from your mistakes and learn additional tips and tricks from other players, thus making your game better eventually. Several websites are available, such as ChessKlub , an online platform that helps you learn from different coaches, participate in competitions and play online with thousands of players. Joining such websites and online platforms enable you to become a professional with time.

6.    Be confident:

     Strategic games require trust and risk factors rather than luck. While playing such games, always be confident about your every move. Never be scared to take a chance. Rather play boldly and always take a chance to ace it. This will eventually make your game better.


Strategic games are undoubtedly tricky and require dedication, motivation and spirit to ace them. One of the most challenging strategic games is chess, but you can master it quickly; just dedication and enthusiasm are required. Online tournaments such as chess tournaments may be joined and learned from the mistake. Thus, in no time anyone can be a  good player in any game.

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