The 3 Best Crypto to Invest in Long Term


The 3 Best Crypto to Invest in Long Term

Crypto to Invest in Long Term

The entire cryptocurrency market is getting ready for a massive explosion. Here are the 3 best cryptocurrencies for investing in long term

Tron or TRX Coin 

TRX coin is currently sitting around 5 cents per coin. They have a market cap of around 7 billion, and actually, over the last few days we saw a massive explosion in price, and we’re pulling back a little bit from those levels now. Besides the point of technical analysis and a little bit about what we think this cryptocurrency is going to do. Let’s see a little bit about what it does in the first place. So the whole point of Tron is basically to accelerate the decentralization of the internet and overall financial purchases. They do this through a variety of different methods in financial transactions, blockchain technology, and integrations involved with them. 

One of the main points of most people that like this cryptocurrency in the first place is its financial benefits and incentives and the infrastructure that it’s creating. There are all types of use cases for these specific cryptocurrency things, like credit card payments, and Tron ATMs. You can even participate in token insurance through Tron and a host of other options. It’s because of this that we think in the financial world we’re only going to see more and more crypto adoption in use cases and we think in this specific case this ecosystem has a ton of room, to not only profit off of that but also grow the overall price of the cryptocurrency or the underlying asset. This is why we think TRX poses itself in a very interesting location to take advantage of this scale. 

Polygon Matic 

Polygon Matic is a fascinating project a blockchain that is built to be much more efficient and much faster than its namesake or not namesakes it’s rival Ethereum. We all know that Ethereum is still pretty fast and pretty efficient, but in recent years we’ve seen new blockchain projects come out of the scene and blow Ethereum out of the water with their performance and their capabilities. Not only is it working in conjunction with Ethereum but it’s essentially going to kind of make Ethereum only better and better. The reason we said their rivals is because that’s the way a lot of people like to look at it. Which is kind of funny and ironic at the end of the day. Because they’re just building off one another and they’re only really helping each other. 

Polygon brings new users to Ethereum’s network by offering a much faster and easier solution sub-layer. We have all kinds of different applications for this as well. We have NFT usage, that’s been popular for the last couple of months. We even have stripe which is a massive payment processing website one that we personally use ourselves as business owners to actually process crypto payments in their platform using polygon matic, and of course do it’s just incredibly fast incredibly efficient, and a really good ecosystem to be using and to be a part of. Beyond all that polygon strading around 59 cents per coin right now, and it’s actually taken a pretty significant dip over the last couple of days, and of course the last couple of months due to the crypto dip that we saw not too long ago. However as market conditions start to stable out here, and we’re seeing a lot better numbers in the beginning of june going into june. We think that this cryptocurrency poises itself to be potentially a big competitor as far as gains go this month. 

Chainlink or LINK 

Chainlink is a very interesting project, this is a oracle . Oracles are interesting because, what they do is allows cross-chain connection between different blockchains. What’s unique about chain link is the over all infrastructure that it provides and how secure it is in the first place. They have a extremely reliable tamper-proof network that uses decentralization trusted nodes premium data cryptographic proofs to connect highly accurate and available data apis to any smartcontract. There’s also seamless connection to apis, which obviously builds a flexible framework that can retrieve both data and from any api connected within existing systems. 

There’s also proven ready-made solutions at anybody’s disposal who wants to use this network, and you just have a very overall secure and safe network to use. That’s something that a lot of people unfortunately have been kind of staying away from crypto in the recent couple of years. Whether it be big organizations or small individuals everybody is worried about the security of it. This is something that i think that Chainlink really brings to the table and makes it their main focus is the safety and security that you can get using their ecosystem, and we think that’s something that more cryptocurrency products should be doing in the future in order to facilitate more growth and better expansion. We think chainlink has huge potential to go further and further as far as growth in price goes, and if we look at the actual price right now, which is sitting at about 6.86 cents that’s pretty far off from its all-time highsit made earlier last year. However, we think that once again chainlink has huge potential to grow even more in 2022 and beyond.

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