Next PLC Earn their STARS


Modeshift STARSfor is the national accreditation scheme which recognised organisations that have shown excellence in supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable travel. It has been established to recognise those organisations that deliver an effective Travel Plan that aims to lessen the impacts of congestion caused by single occupancy car use. Next PLC have been working hard to provide staff with a range of travel options for their journey to work including car sharing, cycling, walking and public transport. As a result, they have seen single occupancy car use drop from 79% of all staff to just 49% over the last 3-years.

One of the key initiatives behind this scheme is the Next Travel Incentive Voucher Scheme. To reward and encourage staff based at Nexts Head Office and Leicester Directory sites, staff are given a daily -2 travel incentive voucher if they travel sustainably to and from work. When the scheme started, just 1% of staff travelled sustainably to work but that figure has now increased to 48%. It is for this scheme that Next were recognised in the National Sustainable Travel Awards.

Of both achievements, Ross Butcher, National Chair of Modeshift said We are delighted to award Next PLC the Gold Level STARSfor Award in recognition of their amazing efforts to reduce car use at their head office site. The organisation has been instrumental in assisting Modeshift with establishing the STARSfor scheme. Furthermore, the Modeshift National Sustainable Travel Awards celebrate best practice in increasing levels of active and sustainable modes of travel for all types of journeys. Over 90 entries were received across 10 separate categories. Next PLC won the Best Sustainable Travel Initiative Business, for the Travel Incentive Voucher Scheme. The National Sustainable Travel Awards are voted on by the Members of Modeshift, as such, this project was voted as the overall winner by sustainable travel practitioners from across the United Kingdom.