How to Go From NOOB to PRO in Apex Legends Mobile Beginners Guide


How to Go From NOOB to PRO in Apex Legends Mobile Beginners Guide

Apex Legends Mobile Beginners Guide

Apex Legends Mobile is now officially released on both ios and android. As you start playing the game, you’re gonna need to know all of the basics, from picking the right legend to adjusting your settings to even knowing what guns are good to use and so much more. This is the ultimate beginner’s guide to Apex Legends Mobile. 

The main game mode in Apex Legends Mobile is of course battle royale. In battle royale 20 squads will drop down on the map squads in Apex Mobile consist of three players. As with every battle royale game your main objective is to get kills, be the last team standing, and win the match.

Characters in Apex Legends Mobile are called legends. All with their own unique abilities. There are four types of legends in Apex Mobile offensive, defensive, recon, and support. Each legend has three abilities two active which is your tactical and your ultimate, and one passive. Find one that matches your playstyle and start playing with it as much as you can. 

Legends basics guide  

If you’re an aggressive player what legends you should be playing, and if you’re more of a team player or a camper what legends you should be playing. We’ll dive deeper into this in a separate article. 

As of right now there are a total of 11 legends in the game. All with their own unique abilities and playstyle. If you’re an aggressive player you should be playing with Octane and Wraith both of these legends offer a great set of abilities that lets you move around the map at ease they’re both super fast and allow you to have crazy movement. 

If you’re more of a semi-aggressive player we recommend playing Bloodhound. Bloodhound is a great legend for knowing where people are. He has an ability where he can scan exactly where enemies are. All he has to do is look in a direction use his ability and you’ll see if there’s enemies around. So this can also be really useful if you’re not playing with any sound, and he can also be played aggressively. His other ability lets you run around super fast. So that’s kind of why we said he’s a semi-aggressive legend, because he can be played kind of passively but also extremely aggressively at the exact same time. 

If you’re more of a team player we recommendplaying Gibraltar or Lifeline. Both of these legends are a great addition to your squad as they’ll help with support. If you’re a camper Gibraltar is exactly for you. He’s literally got a shield infront of him, two of his abilities involve shields. So you can sit back especially with a sniper and pick your enemies off long range. That sounds like something you would do and gibraltar is for you, and Lifeline without getting too specific is all about healing. She can heal herself revive teammates much easier and a lot more. Other legends such as Pathfinder, Caustic, Mirage and Bangalore they’re all good too. But we wouldn’t recommend using them if you’re just getting started. 

The best weapons to start with 

Right off the best the top five weapons that you need to pick up and start using is the R301, the Eva 8 shotgun, the Alternator, the Spitfire and the Volt smg. These guns offer good damage easy to control and they’re pretty easy to find. 


If you’re confused on where to land on the map we recommend landing on the far side of the drop ship, as far away as possible. That way there’s not going to be that many squads that land on these outer locations, and you’ll be safe and good to go when you’re looting. However, if you’re one of those sweats, and you want immediate action be sure to land right in the middle of the map in those hotspots. You land with absolutely nothing so look for a weapon and a shield immediately. 

If you die you get knockeddown, but you can be revived by your teammates even if you get finished after you’re knocked it’s still not the end. Your teammates are actually able to pickup your banner from your loot box, and then take this banner to a respawn beacon and get you back in the game. 


Your backpack is honestly one of the most important things you need to understand in Apex Mobile. There are two types of backpacks in the game. Standard and gold for the standard backpacks, gray holds 12 slots, blue holds 14 slots, and purple holds 16 slots, then we have the gold backpack. A gold backpack like all gold items has its own special perk. When reviving a knock teammate they will comeback to the game with 50 shield and 70 hp instead of coming back with barely any health if you’re using a regular backpack. Gold items in this game are always amazing with their own unique perks. So always keep an eye out on gold items. 

How health and shields work 

Every legend has 100 hp there are three things you can do to restore your hp. Syringes which restores 25 hp and it takes 3 seconds to use, Med kits heals 100 of your health and takes 8 seconds to use, the Phoenix kit fully restores all your shield and hp at the same time takes 10 seconds to use. There are two main things to restore your shield. Shield cell restores 25 of your shield and takes 3 seconds to use. Shield battery fully restores your shield doesn’t matter which shield you have, and it takes 5 seconds to use. 

There are two types of body shields evo shields and the gold shield. Evo shield is called evo because it evolves through damage dealt. What this means is the more damage you do, the better your shield gets. There are four evo shield levels white shield absorbs 50, blue 75, purple absorbs 100, and red absorbs 125. The gold shield can absorb 100 damage, gold shield is a special kind of shield only found on the ground and it’s very rare. The gold shield has a special perk that allows you to heal up more efficiently. When using shield cells instead of the normal 25 you heal 50 and the same with syringes. 

Knockdown shields 

These are shields you can use when you are knocked down to help protect yourself against incoming damage. There are two types of knockdown shields standard and gold. There are four different standard knockdown shields white absorbs 200 damage, blue absorbs 450 damage, purple absorbs 750, and the same with gold. The gold knockdown shield has something verycool about it. You’re able to self revive. You don’t need teammates to come over and revive you. You actually get one self-revive with the gold knockdowns hield. 


There are machines around the map called replicators that you can use to craft different things like shield batteries attachments, and you can even upgrade your armor. But in order to craft things you need material. There are two ways to get materials. The first thing is you get five materials every time you open a loot box and 25 materials every time you come across an extractor. We highly recommend using the replicator to craft shield batteries and upgrade your armor. All of the replicators and extractors are located on the map in green. We highly recommend taking advantage of the crafting in Apex Mobile. 

Survey beacon 

When used you’re able to see the next ring location. Survey beacons are honestly one of the most important things to use when you’re playing competitive. You’re easily able to rotate to the next zone before your enemy squad even know where it is. So you will have a lot better positioning. Your team will understand exactly what’s going on, and you’ll be able to catch enemies off guard that are rotating into the zone. These survey beacons however, can only be used by recon legend such as Boodhound and Pathfinder. So be sure to always have a recon legend on your team.


There are three different explosives in Apex Legends Mobile. Arc stars, Frag grenades, and Thermites. 

The arc star is honestly the best of the three. In simple terms you throw it, and it deals impact damage if your enemy is around it. It also stuns your enemy, so not only does it deal damage it also slows down your enemy. So you can use this to your advantage when you’re pushing a fight. Also something really amazing about the arc star is if you throw it at your enemy and it sticks to them. Not only does it deal that initial impact damage, but it also does a lot more. If you get that arc star stick you can almost kill your enemy. So try to aim for those perfect arc star sticks. 

Frag grenades this should be simple you throw it, it explodes. Unlike the arc star there is no stunned or slow down effect with the frag grenade. It only deals damage we recommend throwing the nade straight up in the air so your enemy doesn’t have a chance to run away, and they don’t see it coming. It’ll just land and explode immediately. 

Thermites, Now thermites are like molotovs in other games. You throw it down it leaves an area in flames. If you walk on it you’re gonna slowly take damage. For thermites all you do is take damage, just like grenades there is no stun or slow down effect. But be careful when using explosives because you can actually deal damage to yourself, and with an arc star you can even stun yourself. 

Cargo bot 

The cargo bot is a little flying thing that you’re gonna see around the map. This contains loot. It will flash three different colors blue, purple and gold. You’re going to want to shoot it right when it turns gold as it will give you a gold item. Which is the best don’t shoot at the ball itself shoot right above it. As soon as it lands shoot it again or punch it and it will break open giving you some really nice loot. 


Each legend has their own unique finisher. Finisher’s completely bypass knockdown shield. Something cool to mention is using a finisher on a knocked enemy will fully restore your shields. So if you want to finish an enemy and heal up all your shields at the same time there you go. 

Firing range

The firing range also known as the training grounds is a great place to practice and set up your settings. There is a super quick way to adjust your sensitivity in the firing range. On the top right of your screen there’s a little button that kinda looks like agraph. This is your quick access to the sensitivity settings, with this you’re able to quickly adjust your settings while you’re actually moving around and playing the game. Everything is unlocked in the firing range. Weapons, attachments, and all of the legends. To select the legend you want to try out and practice with click the button on the top right, and click the switch legend button, and choose the legend you want to use. There’s two machines in the firing range. The one on the right gives you access to all of the weapons and all of the attachments, and the one on the left is the target dummy practice mode. Head over to the weapons table and click switch gear and choose the weapon you want to practice with. In the equip tab, here’s where you’re gonna put on all your shields, your helmets, and your backpacks then you got your attachments and lastly your consumables. Then heading over to the dummy practice table. In here you can choose the mode in which you can practice it. There are various different modes for training dummies, each with their own level of difficulty. In the firing range you can actually play with your friends and have a lot of fun. Click the pvp icon in the top right of your screen and choose the mode the time, and practice with your friends. 

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