Everything You Need to Know About Loba’s Ability in Apex Legends


Everything You Need to Know About Loba’s Ability in Apex Legends

Loba's Ability in Apex Legends

Loba has made her way into Apex Legends as the 17th playable character and fourth legend added to the game following the release of the Beastly Update in July 2019. Loba looks like an alien creature with massive ears, large eyes, and an intimidating mouth full of sharp teeth. Her ability makes it easy to traverse across long distances quickly in order to ambush enemies or flee from combat if things go south. Read on to learn everything you need to know about Loba’s ability in Apex Legends!

How does her special skill work?

When activated, King wields a giant golden battle axe and slams it into the ground. The impact creates an energy shockwave that can damage opponents or knock them back. When used properly, it’s a good way to get behind enemy lines or even finish off players who are injured assuming you have enough distance between you and your target. 

Key things to know about looking left or right

Did you know looking left or right counts as movement? When it comes to creating your own Legend, keep that in mind if you want them to have heightened awareness on one side of their body sometimes an abundance of vision can make a player complacent. Furthermore, there’s no penalty for looking around, but if they move while they’re doing it (even just walking), they will run slower.

How does her passive work?

Apex Legends ‘ new Legend, Loba , has a unique passive ability. On death, she respawns with all of her health instantly restored. Obviously, that’s really powerful…but there are some caveats you need to know about! Let’s talk about how her passive works and what it means for your playstyle.

The best use of Loba’s abilities in battle

Loba’s passive ability allows her to heal herself at an accelerated rate, making her a formidable opponent in one-on-one engagements. However, she is very vulnerable if her team can’t protect her while she recharges. If you know how to keep your enemies occupied and away from you, you should be able to heal up as needed. Use more of your abilities early on in battle as they are stronger at lower levels and not when they get depleted.

Tips and Tricks for mastering Loba

Make sure to check out our wiki for an overview of everything you need to know about Loba. We’ve divided her abilities into three main categories health, movement, and combat to better help you master her moveset. The Hoverpack: The hoverpack is a double-edged sword. It can be incredibly powerful when used effectively but can also become a death trap if it backfires on you.

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