Apex Legends Mobile OCTANE GUIDE: Abilities, Tips and Tricks, and More


Apex Legends Mobile OCTANE GUIDE: Abilities, Tips and Tricks, and More

Apex Legends Mobile OCTANE GUIDE

Octane is one of the best legends in Apex Mobile if you know how to use him correctly and he’s gotta be the most fun legend to play in the game. You’re just getting started with Apex Legends Mobile and I bet you’ve seen almost everyone playing this character and there’s a reason why he’s insane. Let’s guide you through all of Octane’s Abilities, how to play him correctly, plus some tips and tricks. 

Octane is the most aggressive legend in the game. He can be used for almost anything pushing rotating around the map, getting your squad out of bad situations, and so much more. Octane is hands down the best character for moving around. But he’s also a very versatile legend who can play him passively, aggressively, and as support. Now, why is Octane the most picked legend in the entire game? Why is everyone using him? Well let’s dive into his abilities 

Octane’s Passive Ability: Swift Mend 

While not taking damage you restore health over time. This is super crucial. When using octane you don’t have to carry a lot of healing items for health such as syringes and med kits. We recommend still keeping some syringes but you don’t have to stack up on them. You’re able to use those extra backpack slots for something else. Like more ammo shields or even explosives. 

Octane’s Tactical Ability: Stim 

Move thirty percent faster for six seconds. However, when using his tactical you lose twenty percent of his max hp. You can’t kill yourself in-game while using his tactical ability. The lowest you’ll drop is to one hp. Something to note when using Octane’s tactical is you don’t regenerate hp while stimming. Now there’s a lot of use for Octane’s tactical you can use this to quickly scout around an area, get away from danger if you know you’re about to lose a fight, or try to run up super fast in and out and grab your teammates respawn banners. But be careful spamming Octane’s tactical ability because if your hp gets too low then you’re a vulnerable target. Octane’s tactical ability allows you to have insane movement. If you’re movement players coming from other games this is your guy. You can run up super close to people get in their face and you’ll be a tough target to hit especially if your enemy doesn’t have good aim. 

Octane’s Ultimate Ability: Jump Pad 

Octane drops a launch pad that launches people into the air. This launch pad is the best item in the game for rotating and moving your team around the map. But be careful because your enemies can also use your own jump pad. Some super useful tips for Octane’s jump pad is when running up to the jump pad make sure you slide every single time. When sliding you’re gonna go a lot further than if you just walked up to it, and there’s also a feature called double jump. After you’re in the air press this to make your jump go a lot further. But also keep in mind that your jump pad can be destroyed by your enemies. All they have to do is shoot at it and they can destroy it. So don’t just place it down and then be like “okay you know what in a minute from now we’re gonna use this jump pad” be careful your enemies can destroy it. 

Bonus tip when using Octane’s jump pad right as you go up to it hit your fist button. What this is gonna do is make you jump straight up in the air for as long as you want. You don’t have to do anything it will literally just keep bouncing you up over and over again. This is super useful for getting info about your surrounding area. Octane is honestly one of everyone’s favorite legends to play within the game, and now that you’ve learned everything you need to know about him. How about learning about all of the other legends. Even if you’re not going to play them you still need to counter them. That is why we made a guide for every single legend in Apex Mobile click here to read more

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