Apex Legends Mobile FADE Guide: Abilities, Tips and Tricks, and More


Apex Legends Mobile FADE Guide: Abilities, Tips and Tricks, and More

Apex Legends Mobile FADE Guide

Fade is one of the strongest legends to play with in Apex Legends Mobile if you know how to use him correctly. He’s the newest legend never before seen, and to be honest he’s my new favorite. Let’s guide you through all of Fade’s abilities, how to play him correctly, plus some tips and tricks. 

Fade is one of the most versatile legends in the entire game. He can be used for a lot of different situations, this is what makes Fade one of the best. Now let’s dive into his abilities. 

Fade’s Passive Ability: Slipstream 

Fade's Passive Ability: Slipstream

You gain a short movement speed boost at the end of a slide. 15% to be exact. This may not seem like much but this is insane. You can get a crazy movement advantage over your enemies when you’re using Fade. However, this ability does have a cooldown of 10 seconds. So you’re not going to be able to run super fast after every single slide that honestly makes it balanced. Otherwise, it will be super overpowered. You can use Fade’s passive ability to get away from enemies, rotate a lot faster around the map, and so much more. 

Fade’s Tactical Ability: Flashback 

Fade's Tactical Ability: Flashback

Go back to where you were a while ago from the void. So basically you can teleport back to a previous location up to 60 meters. This is very strong, this gives you an easy escape route every single time. You can get yourself in a bad situation and just use Fade’s tactical ability and you’re good to go. You can reposition and heal up. Fade’s tactical can also be used to block incoming explosives, like grenades or arc stars. As soon as it comes your way just pop his tactical ability, and you jump into the void and cannot take any damage for a couple of seconds. 

Fade’s Ultimate Ability: Phase Chamber 

Fade's Ultimate Ability: Phase Chamber

Fade throws down a phase cage to send all legends within range of it into the void. Basically what happens is you throw it down and anyone inside of it is unable to deal or take any damage for a few seconds. It also deals 10 damage. This has no player limit, meaning if there are like five enemies standing together and you throw it down it will affect all of them. When you use this ability your enemies will be highlighted in orange. So this is super good for keeping a close eye on exactly where your enemies are. You can use this ultimate ability in so many different ways. Well first off you can use it to isolate a fight. Let’s say there are two teams in front of you, you can throw it down and focus solely on one team first, without having to worry about the other team. You can also use this ability to get you and your team out of very bad situations. Because it affects your teammates too. How cool is that? So stick together with your team and use it to your advantage. 

A really useful tip for Fate’s ultimate is you can use it to counter Mirage. You know that annoying legend that spawns all those fake decoys. Basically when Mirage uses his ultimate ability and spawns a ton of decoys. Throw Fades ultimate ability down and the fake Mirage decoys will disappear. Only the real Mirage will be shown. This is an excellent counter to Mirage, and I highly suggest you use this to your advantage in the game. Also, something very useful to mention for Fade’s tactical ability is you can use it to go in and out of the storm. Let’s say you need to grab your teammate’s respawn banner, or you’re just trying to scout around go in the storm a little bit, and when you’re ready to come back out just use Fade’s tactical ability and you’ll teleport back to your previous location. 

Fade is one of the best legends if not my new favorite legend in all of Apex Mobile and now that you’ve learned everything you need to know about him. How about learning about all of the other legends. Even if you’re not gonna play with them you still need to counter them, and that is why we made a guide for every single legend in Apex Mobile click here to read more

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