Apex Legends Mobile BLOODHOUND Guide: Abilities, Tips and Tricks, and More


Apex Legends Mobile BLOODHOUND Guide: Abilities, Tips and Tricks, and More

Apex Legends Mobile BLOODHOUND Guide

Bloodhound is the most useful and honestly the most important legend in all of Apex Mobile if you know how to play him correctly. Almost everyone like to play this character and there’s a reason why. He’s so broken. Let’s guide you through all of Bloodhound’s abilities, how to play him correctly, plus some tips and tricks. You’re going to need a bloodhound player in your squad at all times. If not you’re at a major disadvantage. Bloodhound is a legend that can be played both passively and super aggressively all at the same time. One of his abilities makes him faster than Octane. If you’re more of a semi-aggressive player then bloodhound is going to be for you. Because he’s very versatile. Now let’s dive into his abilities. 

Bloodhound’s Passive Ability: Tracker 

In simple terms, Bloodhound can see exactly where enemies have been. You can see exactly how long someone has been in a specific location to get you and your squad a better understanding of your surrounding area. 

Bloodhound’s Tactical Ability: Eye Of The All Father 

So with this ability, all you have to do is scan in front of you and it will reveal all your enemies. The maximum distance this ability reaches is 75 meters. You’re only able to see enemies that are in front of you not behind you, not to the side directly in front of you. So when you’re using this ability make sure you look in the direction of where you think there might be enemies. This is honestly one of the most useful abilities in the entire game. The ability to see where all of your enemies are for a short period of time is crazy. You can even see their movement too. Bloodhound’s tactical ability has a 25-second cooldown, and when you use this ability your enemies will know. They’re gonna see sonar detected on their screen, and they will immediately know an enemy Bloodhound just used their tactical ability. So be sure to use it strategically and carefully. You don’t want to just use it every time you get it. 

Bloodhound’s Ultimate Ability: Beast Of The Hunt 

When using this your speed increases by 30%. Your vision turns black and white all except for enemies which are highlighted in red. This makes it super easy to run around super fast and know exactly where your enemies are. You can be an absolute monster to go up against when you’re using this ability. Also, your tactical ability recharge time is greatly reduced. So you’ll be able to scan enemies very very frequently so your entire team will constantly know where the enemies are. The ultimate lasts for 30 seconds and has a three-minute recharge time, so use it wisely. 

Some very useful Bloodhound Tips 

Do not waste your tactical ability. You’re only able to scan every 25 seconds. So don’t just walk around all of the time scanning in the open. Wait until you think there are enemies or you’re by building. An incredible legend combo is Bloodhound and Bangalore. One of Bangalore’s abilities allows you to launch a smoke grenade, and with Bloodhound scans and ultimate ability, you’re able to see right through those smokes. You’ll be able to completely control a fight and have the upper hand over your opponents. Bloodhound’s ultimate ability is also really good for running away from your enemies. You don’t just have to play aggressive with it, you can use it to run away if you’re versus an entire squad, or even if there are multiple squads around you. His ultimate ability is also a great way to rotate out of the storm, especially if you don’t have that many healing items. 

Bonus Tip 

If you want bloodhound’s ultimate ability a lot quicker make sure to always carry an ultimate accelerant. Using one of these is going to reduce the cooldown time of your ultimate ability. Bloodhound is by far the most useful legend to play within the game, and now that you’ve learned everything you need to know about him. How about learning about all of the other legends. Even if you’re not going to play them you still need to counter them and that is why we made a guide for every single legend in Apex Legends Mobile click here to read more

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