Apex Legends Mobile Best Weapons for Beginners full Guide


Apex Legends Mobile Best Weapons for Beginners full Guide

The best weapons for beginners in Apex Legends Mobile. In this article, we will be telling you about guns that are not only easy to use but are also insanely strong and can destroy your enemies. 

Alternator SMG 

The Alternator is an all-around really solid weapon to play with. The damage is really good, and it’s very versatile. So you can use this gun at almost all ranges. But this gun mainly shines up close when you hip fire, for the new players out there hipfire means shooting without scoping in. The Alternator is super accurate and has a very fast fire rate. But not too fast so it’s very balanced overall. We highly recommend picking up the Alternator as much as you can.

R-301 Carbine

The R-301 is hands down the best gun in Apex Legends Mobile. This weapon is an absolute laser beam. It is extremely accurate and very versatile with high damage. It’s good up close medium range and also long-range. That’s how good it is, and the R-301 literally has no recoil at all whatsoever. So it’s perfect in the hands of newer players. This is also the most used weapon in the entire game. So you’re gonna literally see everyone using it. Always keep an eye on, and prioritize the R-301 assault rifle, because it’s going to be your best friend in Apex Mobile. 

Volt SMG  

The Volt is one of the best guns to use for beginners. This gun can be used at all ranges. The rate of fire isn’t the best compared to some other guns in this article, but the high damage makes up for it. Your aim doesn’t even have to be good when you’re using this weapon. So this is also another perfect gun in the hands of the new player. This is one of the very few weapons that’s really good without any attachments at all. 


The Spitfire is a weapon that is only found in care packages. So you’re not gonna find this gun on the ground like every other weapon. The Spitfire is a light machine gun with a massive magazine size. It can hold up to 60 bullets in one mag. That’s actually crazy and the damage is similar to the R-301 assault rifle. Not only that but the versatility and accuracy are also similar to the R-301. You can literally just spray and pray with this weapon spam it all over the place and wipe entire squads in a matter of seconds. So always look for care packages and open all of them because you might come across the almighty Spitfire. 

Eva-8 shotgun

The Eva-8 shotgun is by far the best shotgun in the entire game. It’s actually the only shotgun that is full auto. Meaning you could just hold down your shoot button and it’ll keep shooting. Fun fact the Eva-8 shotgun’s bullet spray pattern actually draws out the number eight. So with this in mind, you ideally want to aim your crosshair right in the middle of the enemy’s chest for a chance to land some headshot damage with the upper part of the bullet’s pattern. This shotgun is also a nightmare to go up against. It can crack your enemy shield in a matter of seconds, and you don’t even have to be that accurate when using this gun either. As we mentioned, you can just hold down your shoot button and spam it. You’re gonna see almost every new player prioritizing this weapon, and we highly suggest you do as well. 

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