10 Tips Every Beginner must know in Apex Legends Mobile Noob to Pro


10 Tips Every Beginner must know in Apex Legends Mobile Noob to Pro

Tips Every Beginner must know in Apex Legends Mobile

1. Stick with your team

Apex Legends Mobile is a game where teamwork actually matters. There are other games out there that you don’t even need to play with your team. You can run around the map all by yourself, and you’ll do fine. But in Apex Legends Mobile that’s not gonna work. Simply because of two factors the time to kill and the abilities. The time to kill in this game is much longer than in other games. So this makes it very difficult to 1v3 your enemies, and with so many unique abilities from each legend it’s going to make it even harder to face off against full squads all by yourself. So stay with your teammates. If your solo queuing and the randoms keep running away follow one of them. This way you’ll have at least two players together instead of just one.

2. Play in first person mode FPP

There’s a lot of talk going around that major events and tournaments will only be in first person and not third person. If you have plans to be competitive or go pro you’ll have way more opportunities in FPP versus TPP. Apex Legends on PC and console is only first person and the majority of players on mobile will be going towards first person as well.

3. Use pinging to your advantage

You have a button ingame that lets you ping what’s happening to alert your teammates. You can tell your squad if there’s an enemy nearby simply by double tapping your ping button. You can also let your team know if there’s loot that you don’t need. Let’s say there’s a weapon that you don’t want, but you know is really good, just ping it and it’ll help your squad level up their gear.

4. Understand the compass system

Using this you can find out if you’re facing north, south, east or west. The numbers represent a full 360 degrees turning circle. As you turn right the numbers go up. With this in mind use these numbers to give really accurate info to your teammates. Put it this way, if there’s an enemy at 105 degrees you can give that exact number to your teammates, and on their compass they can turn to that number, and they’ll be looking at the same spot as you.

5. Get used to the climbing mechanics

Climbing is one of the most important things in this game. When ever you’re about to get in a fight make sure to always try and get high ground over your enemy. High ground is very under used but extremely useful in almost every gunfight. Also climbing greatly improves your movement.

6. Build a habit of either sliding or jumping around corners

A lot of people is just do walk out right around a corner without doing anything. That’s going toget you killed, especially when your enemies are really good or experienced. You always want to slide or even jump when turning a corner. This is going to make you a much harder target to kill and drastically improve your movement.

7. Don’t over commit to gunfights

You need to learn to play around corners, buildings and behind cover. Not just run out in the open trying to fight an enemy. Why is this so important well this brings us to our next tip.

8. Third partying

In Apex Legends Mobile third partying is going to be the most common yet annoying thing in the game. Now what is third party, you may ask. It’s when your team is fighting another squad but then a third team comes in after you’re low on health and challenges you, and good teams know when to pushin in third party. So they’ll do it when you least expect it, and when you’re low hp. So always use cover to your advantage this actually brings us to our ninth tip.

9. Always stay healthy

This correlates directly with the previous tip due to those third parties. You always want to make sure you’re constantly staying close to full hp if not full hp. That means after every gun fight you need to heal up, even midgun fight if you’re half hp heal up.

10. Understand the sensitivity settings

There’s so many new players out there that don’t properly set up their sensitivity and it’s holding them back from being good at the game. Without a comfortable sensitivity you’re gonna be all over the place. So right now the best thing for you to do is click here to read how you can find the best sensitivity for you.

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