Facts about Girls

10 Interesting Facts about Girls that are going to Amaze you


Women are truly nature’s wonders, especially if we compare them with their human counterparts. Most surprisingly there’s so much about the female population that we don’t know yet, of course, we know about their passion for all barbie and princess things and their ability for the dramatic. But girls are unique and fascinating in so many ways.

10 Interesting Facts About Girls

  1. Faster HeartBeat

When it comes to heart rates, we are talking about normal situations and not when girls get hyper or see a spider girl’s hearts beat faster than men. Males have larger hearts and lungs than females. They’re able to oxygenate more blood as their hearts pump more oxygen per minute, to get a similar oxygen saturation woman’s heart must pump faster.

  1. Crybabies

It has been scientifically proven that girls are crybabies. They are biologically wired to shed tears more than boys. The male tear duct is larger than the female, so it stores more tears in it. While the girl’s tears will flow down her cheeks quicker due to the small storage duct.

  1. Wider Color Spectrum

Thanks to a gene that sits on the x chromosome females see more variations of the red-orange spectrum. Girls have two copies of the chromosome while boys have only one. It gives ladies the real ability to see a whole lot of variations of red and orange.

  1. Fear of Bugs

According to research girls are four times more likely than boys to fear spiders. Researchers found that girls are genetically predisposed to develop a fear of potentially dangerous insects. Baby girls start to associate pictures of spiders with fear at only 11 months old while boys remain indifferent.

  1. Better Taste

This should not come as a surprise that girls have better taste. It has nothing to do with the taste buds as they are all the same in both genders, rather it is based on the fact that girls process taste impressions differently perhaps. Because women had been cooking since the start of the human race while men hunted and gathered food the age-old practice has developed a better taste for the woman.

  1. Good Hearing

According to studies girls have more sensitive hearing than boys right from birth, and the gap gets greater with age. Girls’ hearing is more sensitive to speech patterns making it easier for them to hear what you’re saying. Also, their verbal processing develops earlier so they understand better too.

  1. Know How You Feel

After reviewing more than 100 studies researchers concluded that girls even in infancy are better at figuring out people’s emotions based on their facial expressions. They also recognize faces more readily than boys. Girls would be able to tell how you feel only by looking at you and reading your facial expressions. This also explains why men are unable to understand women mostly.

  1. Borrow Money

The study of gender debt and dropping out of college uncovered some fascinating reasons why more women graduate from college. Men are less willing to take on the heavy debt loads to complete their degrees. When they reach the point of owing twelve thousand five hundred dollars in school loans men are more likely to be discouraged than women, and decide it makes sense to quit school and start working full-time. Well, women take the money and get that degree.

  1. Depressed

Before adolescence equal numbers of boys and girls are depressed. About 10 to 15 percent of all children report moderate to severe signs of depression. By age 13 a dramatic shift occurs and more than twice as many girls than boys are depressed. It might be because girls mature faster and are more prone to self-esteem issues, or just around that age the sexual organs start to develop, and women are told to leave their previous ways and be more conscious about themselves.

  1. Gift of Gab

We all know these girls love to talk and they do talk a lot. Now girls are naturally chatty right from the start. Scientifically speaking both boy and girl babies say their first words around their first birthday. However, as the babies reach the 16-month mark girls usually have more words than baby boys do. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that girls have a natural gift for talking. Another interesting fact girls are also the first to hit the 300-word vocabulary mark.

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